Why Direct Mail Was Made for Builders.

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We’ve come a long way with how we communicate. There’s email and text, you can keep in contact on social media and even invite people to take a quick look at your website. One older communication tool that gets overlooked nowadays is direct mail – it seems many businesses have forgotten about sending out letters and postcards to market themselves.
Done well, though, it can still be a very useful tool and turn lead generation into concrete business opportunities. If you specialise in building work such as home improvements or construction, you’ll know that every opportunity you can find to get close to potential customers makes all the difference. Most builders operate to a local market and word of mouth can go a long way. But it’s not always wise to depend on this alone.
Reaching out to strong leads through smarter lead generation and tailored direct mail campaigns can put you in control rather than having to wait for that call from someone who has been referred by a previous customer.
The Benefits of Direct Mail

  • Sending out mailshots to potential customers might seem like an expense you don’t need but it’s a lot cheaper nowadays than it used to be because you can target the right customers more effectively.
  • While most marketing professionals are rushing to send out carefully crafted emails and other electronic sales messages, local businesses can often benefit from letters and postcards that actually get noticed.
  • Because direct mail is often seen as a less efficient way of reaching customers many people don’t use it today. That means you are more likely to be noticed, especially if you send it to the right people in the first place.
  • Direct mail is tangible. What do we mean by this? Well, it goes directly into the hands of your intended recipient and that interaction often leads to better conversions. Your message doesn’t end up in a spam folder like many emails or ignored by your target audience on social media.
  • Direct mail can be highly targeted. If you know that a particular person is applying for planning permission to build an extension, then you can send them a relevant piece of literature that is more likely to pique their interest and encourage them to reach out.
  • It’s versatile as well. You can opt for a simple postcard or a more elaborate brochure. You can tailor your marketing approach to what that potential customer actually wants and to your existing budget.
  • How Direct Mail Works Best

    The key is in knowing what that customer wants. If they have applied for planning permission to build a new kitchen extension and you provide just the type of cabinets and draw units they are looking for, then you’re already ahead of the game. If you specialise in loft builds and you know that X or Y are actively looking, then you can contact them and offer your expert building services.
    It’s not just knowing that someone is a good lead, of course. You have to write something that is both compelling and attractive, something that gets leads to pick up the phone and make an appointment with you. That’s where Asendo can help you excel, producing crafted copy that hits the mark first time.

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