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why does direct mail work?

Direct mail is highly targeted and can be tailored Direct mail marketing captures attention. This is
to meet the needs and expectations of your specific mainly because 39% of consumers have a “dedicated
audience. This allows you to speak directly to the display area” in their home for mail. 23% of all mail is also
recipient of your communication. shared with at least one other and, on average people
keep ad mail for 17 days. On the other hand, 51% of
You should never underestimate Direct Mail’s emails are deleted within two seconds.
physical properties. This is because being able to touch,
hold and manipulate a physical piece of communication Direct mail marketing drives online activity. 86% of
instantly increases its credibility and responsiveness. people report that they’ve connected with a web site as a
result of a direct mail piece.
It’s a trusted marketing tactic that instantly makes
the recipient feel valued. In fact, research indicates that “Reach out to people about to buy
57% of consumers indicated that direct mail makes them what you sell “
feel more valued, compared to 17% who said the same
about an email.
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