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Armed with extensive marketing experience high performing marketing campaigns, which meet your
and endless enthusiasm, our highly skilled team of exact requirements in terms of target market.
marketing experts will help you to connect with the right
people, at the right time. Better still, you won’t even need to lift a finger. Listening
to your core business needs and objectives, we will
Through us, you’ll have access to highly targeted compile a contact list that is tailor made to meet your
marketing intelligence that will provide you with exclusive exact requirements – after all, there’s no point in
access to all planning applications made in the UK. And targeting potential customers who don’t want your
did you know that, because local authorities are not able particular services or aren’t based in the right area.
to provide the telephone numbers and email addresses From large international companies to individual
of planning applicants, direct mail is the only medium households undertaking home improvements, our highly
able to reach this market? targeted service will ensure that you reach the people
who are actively looking for your services.
Our highly targeted service has been designed to connect
you with planning applicants based on project type, Most importantly, when you invest in a tangible Asendo
locality, and value, through highly engaging direct mail direct mail marketing campaign, you can rest assured
marketing campaigns. that no one will be able to build anything on your patch
without you knowing about it!
Our knowledge of the construction industry, expansive
mailing list, and marketing experience allows us to create
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