Market Intelligence

£100 Billion Market

Asendo planning leads provides information for over 400,000 new building projects a year with an estimated value of over £100 billion.

Early Warning

98% of domestic planning applicants are granted permission with research showing that the majority of home owners will select contractors and suppliers whilst awaiting approval.

Planning Categories

Home Improvements, single dwellings, commercial, major commercial and change of use. Data is supplied in an easy to use format ready to upload to your C.R.M. application.

Permission Granted

85% will commence work soon after permission is granted and more than 25% will be renovating the whole house.

Planning Information

All the relevant information about the planning application is provided including the name and address of the planning applicant, site address, agent details and all the plans for the project.

House Extensions

80% of house extension applicants are known to buy a new kitchen and 75% are known to buy a new Bathroom. 100% of planning applicants need a competent builder.

The Asendo Marketing Platform

Your Market

An Asendo direct mail campaign pinpoints the planning applications that are best suited to your requirements based on project type, budget, and locality.

Cost Effective

Unlike advertising, you will be able to reap the benefits of a service that is delivered directly to your target market.

Your Campaign

Working closely alongside you from start to finish, we create highly targeted marketing campaigns designed to optimise results, boost sales and maximise exposure.

Be in Control

One of the main advantages of our service is that you are in complete control of your campaign and your budget.

Your Offer

Exercising our creativity and wide-ranging skill set, we create highly engaging sales copy with a clear call to action and prompt enquiries!


Your campaign can be changed at any time based on your individual requirements and business needs. So you can increase, decrease, or stop your exclusive mailing-list altogether, at any point.

Asendo Direct Mail

Highly Targeted

Direct mail is highly targeted and can be tailored to meet the needs and expectations of your specific audience. This allows you to speak directly to the recipient of your communication.

Capture Attention

Direct mail marketing captures attention. 39% of consumers have a “dedicated display area” in their home for mail. On average people keep ad mail for 17 days. On the other hand, 51% of emails are deleted within two seconds.

Physical Properties

You should never underestimate Direct Mail’s physical properties. This is because being able to touch, hold and manipulate a physical piece of communication instantly increases its credibility and responsiveness.

Drive on-line Activity

Direct mail marketing drives online activity. 86% of people report that they’ve connected with a web site as a result of a direct mail piece.


It’s a trusted marketing tactic that instantly makes the recipient feel valued. In fact, research indicates that 57% of consumers indicated that direct mail makes them feel more valued, compared to 17% who said the same about an email.

Measure your success

The results of your Asendo direct mail can be measured without complicated analytics.


Perfect Timing

An Asendo direct mail campaign puts you in touch with people who are about to buy what you sell.

Easy To Use

We take all the drudgery out of finding and contacting prospects. It’s a one stop marketing shop

Easy To Monitor

Unlike advertising, you can track your enquiries back to your Asendo campaign.

Precision Targeting

You only contact people with projects that interest you and in the right area.

This Is Not Advertising!

An Asendo campaign is not advertising. It is direct response mail marketing and works so well because your offer will always reach the person or company that has already invested a lot of time and money preparing for their project.

Know Your Market

When you invest in a tangible Asendo direct mail marketing campaign, you can rest assured that no one will be able to build anything on your patch without you knowing about it!


The Asendo platform is only available to selected businesses in any given area to ensure your marketing message is never diluted.

Integrated Marketing

The Asendo programme forms an essential part of your businesses integrated marketing strategy by driving prospects to your web site and or Showroom.

Boost Sales

Direct Mail works and when coupled with a highly targeted mailing list you have a winning formular. You get a BIG return from a small investment with Asendo.

Tell people how good you are!

Brand exposure is all about optimising the visibility of your brand. After all, if you don’t invest in marketing, how will you ever be able to extend your reach and essentially grow your business? We help you to boost sales by connecting you with the right people.  Armed with a proven track record, you can start reaping the rewards and benefits of our service today.

If you require any further information about starting an Asendo direct mail marketing service, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our professional team of marketing experts are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have – we don’t bite, honestly!

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