Contractor – Here’s Why Direct Mail is the Medium to Invest in (Today)


Direct mail marketing is incredibly effective. And it can do amazing things for general contractors. But, inevitably, we would say that. It’s our business, after all, and our niche is direct mail for general contractors.

So, rather than being all talk and impressive words, let us lay down plenty of concrete figures and facts behind direct mail marketing.

  1. It’s personal

70% of consumers feel that direct mail is more personal than anything received via the Internet– and the direct mail itself can be customised with names and with content or offers that you know are relevant to that particular recipient. Its personal quality is just one of the reasons why the response rate of direct mail can be as high as 6.5%.

  1. It’s a seriously savvy investment

Direct mail provides the healthiest return on investment of all marketing mediums – it’s good business sense, no question about it.

  1. It’s finely targeted

There’s a rich amount of data out there when it comes to direct mail for general contractors – such as your local planning department’s most recent applicants. But you really must ensure that your data (and your campaign recipients) are correct and up to date – UK businesses waste more than £18 million annually mailing people who have died or who have moved address.

  1. It sticks around

The average consumer keeps their direct mail for 17 days, with 39% of homes having a dedicated area to display mail. This compares to the fleeting marketing messages delivered via digital means – which are delivered and just as soon forgotten.

  1. It fits seamlessly with other marketing mediums

Direct mail marketing slots in nicely with other marketing tactics. It can deliver a glossy, tangible brochure to those who’ve been driven from social media, to your landing page. It could also lead onwards from an email or include a QR code to drive the recipient back online.

  1. It is a medium in which consumers trust

56% of consumers consider print marketing the most trustworthy of all marketing channels– and building trust is one of the first tasks that you should be thinking about when putting together your marketing message.

 Direct mail for general contractors, works. We see the results every, single, day. But we’ll be honest – there’s a knack to it (and plenty of insider know-how). Gain a glimpse into this world by reading: Remodelling Leads for Residential Contractors: 7 Industry Insider Tips.

Of course, you could save yourself the time and get straight to the good stuff with our direct mail marketing service for general contractors – for a rapidly implemented direct mail campaign that brings high quality leads to you.

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