Construction Marketing with Direct Mail – Five Fresh Ideas for Builders


When it comes to marketing, direct mail for general contractors delivers time and again. But we know that it can take some vision to see past its unfair reputation as ‘junk mail’. So here are five fresh ideas for builders looking to book up for the next few months with the power and versatility of direct mail marketing.

  1. Create a thick, glossy brochure for client inspiration

Whether kitchen fitter or residential developer, your target market are trying to achieve a lifestyle change. Demonstrate just what can be achieved with a luxury brochure to walk them through it, and don’t forget the customer stories and testimonials – two essentials for creating trust (and hopefully a little envy!).

  1. Design a direct mail marketing piece that can be kept

Give your recipient a reason to hold onto your mail – include an exclusive discount coupon, a map of your premises, a calendar, event invite or a checklist for their kitchen or extension project. By providing your recipient with a reason to hold onto your mail you heighten the chances of being in the right place, at the right time, when they come to make that first enquiry.

  1. Send out mail invites worthy of your glitzy event

Putting on an event to convert those premium leads? Why not post out boxes complete with helium balloons which rise up upon opening? At the end of the balloon string, attach that slick invitation – talk about red carpet mail marketing.

  1. Make it personally interactive

Your direct mail is made all the more effective when it includes personal information – a name, insight into their project. However you can enhance this personal feel by including a QR code on your mailer, which leads to a personalised web page (at which stage you should provide a chance to download your must-read guide about the project at hand – such as a kitchen modelling guide or home extension checklist).

  1. Opt for a pop piece

Forget flat mailers – make it interesting with a pop up design. Create a 3D image of that dream kitchen or new home complete with luxury furnishings and fittings (you can see some more popup mail examples and plenty of other shining examples of exceptional direct mail marketing right here).

  1. Make it a before and after picture-reveal

Highlight the lifestyle change that you bring about – the before, the after, with a clever peel back picture. Remember to include people using the newly finished space – a happy family eating, a group of friends making use of those beautiful bi-fold doors. You get the picture. And more to the point, your prospects will, too.


We’re Asendo. And we ‘do’ direct mail for general contractors. We do warmed and ready-to-talk leads, boosted sales funnels and far fuller month to month schedules. We know that you’re better at building than at marketing. And vice versa for us. Perhaps we should talk.

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