Are You a Builder with a Brand?

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It may be that you haven’t thought about it that deeply. Brands are something that big companies like McDonald’s and Nike have. You’re a builder, you don’t need one. Do you?
Branding is something that marketing professionals and whizz kid entrepreneurs spend a lot of time obsessing about. As a busy builder who is looking for new customers, it’s not top of your list of things to develop.
But it’s important.

Whether you are a big company or a one or two man building outfit, brand says a lot about who you are.
What is a Brand?

First of all, it’s not just a logo and a quirky strapline. Brand goes deeper than all that. Let’s say you run a building outfit that specialises in extensions. If you pride yourself in providing a high quality service, then that is part of your brand.
So is:

  • Using only the best materials.
  • Having a friendly approach.
  • Ensuring that you comply with all current building regulations.
  • Being clear on your invoicing and making sure you turn up on time.

These are all things that your potential customer will have an opinion about in relation to you and your services. They are what you are all about. Branding is not only important on a business level but also on a personal level. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about performing to high standards as well.

Why Confirm Your Brand?

You probably do all this good stuff as a matter of course. You’re good at your job and that’s why customers recommend you to their friends and family after you’ve done a job. Being more aware of your brand and putting it into words, though, can not only give you a clear idea of what you are all about but it can help you market yourself a lot better. It also helps when you take on new staff and begin to grow your building business because employees will be able to follow your lead and get with the company ethos.
If you want to produce promotional literature about the services you offer, for example a mail shot or social media campaign, it’s much easier to do so and far more successful, if you have a concrete idea about your brand.

How to Develop Your Brand

It can be difficult, when you first try to do it. Where do you start? It might help, initially, to think of your brand as a person. What kind of personality do they have? What is important to them? How do they provide the service that customers want? The trick here is to be honest. You don’t want to have brand characteristics that you are going to have difficulty in delivering.

Of course, when you have worked all that out, you’re going to need to design and logo that looks and feels just right for your brand. It’s where many building companies fall down either because they haven’t got the time to devote to it or because they think that are just too small to bother with it.
At Asendo, we understand how important brand is, especially when you start sending out advertising such as mailshots. If you want effective lead generation and conversions then you need to resonate with your customer on a deeper level – it’s not simply about the services you offer but the way you put that across and how you instill a level of confidence in someone who has never met you before.
Good branding does all this. And that’s why it’s worth thinking about more closely.

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