5 Marketing Tools That Can Boost Your Business

5 Marketing Tools

Marketing is one of those necessary evils that all businesses have to do on a regular basis. While it’s certainly become more complicated over the last few years, the good news is that it’s also started to get a lot cheaper.
Here are just five methods for better lead generation and a higher rate of conversion in the trade that you could be using today.

1. Word of Mouth

It’s the oldest way of marketing and still has pretty much the same power it did when mankind first began selling his or her wares. You do a good job for someone and they tell their friends and their friends contact you because they’ve just had a strong referral from someone they trust. Don’t forget though, that it works in the opposite direction too. If you do a bad job, you’re likely to get a bad review and less business.

2.Your Business Website

Most building companies have a website where they list their services and important information like contact numbers. Smaller outfits often don’t have one, which is generally a mistake. Potential customers will more likely than not nowadays check out a service on line first and if you don’t have a professional looking website then you may be missing out on valuable business.

3.Social Media

Social media such as Twitter and Facebook is one of the cheapest ways to market yourself in today’s high tech world. Grow a local following and you can spread word of your services far and wide without even spending a penny. It takes a lot of extra work and thought though, engaging with fans and followers and having a coherent strategy that is more about sharing ideas than pushing services and products. Done well it can work well but often has a lesser impact at a local level.

4.Direct Mailing

Sending a traditional mailshot through someone’s door can have a huge impact. The generation of strong, reliable leads and producing a highly targeted mailing campaign is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use. Not only that, it’s one that other companies have all but forgotten about. Most people have a dedicated area where they put their mail and are more likely to open a letter or read a card than any other form of communication. If you make your message compelling and hit the right audience, you could see leads turn into prospects a whole lot quicker than with other channels.


Despite marketing channels such as social media, email is still a favourite with many businesses. It’s one of those tools that, when done well, can be highly effective. Done badly (which is what most businesses actually tend to do) it can be time consuming and wasteful. As with direct mailing, having a good list of addresses who are actually considered hot prospects is important. Another is making sure your email doesn’t end up in the recipient’s spam folder because of bad writing. There’s plenty to worry about with email marketing but can and should work if you use the right approach.
All of the above marketing tools have their good and bad points. A lot depends on what you want to achieve and where your potential customers are hanging out. If you are a building firm, then direct marketing where you send hardcopy mailshots to prospects through strong lead generation is the key. For other businesses with a less local focus, social media engagement is almost a given and email marketing can make a big difference if you build your list intelligently.

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